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Subforms and sections

Fivespark allows each form to have multiple sub-forms, so you can structure your form in the way that makes sense to you and your users, and allows you to create powerful and sophisticated applications that go far beyond simple linear forms. Sub-forms let you present information to your users only when they need it, and ask them for additional information only when it makes sense. Set up a parent form with a list of your customers, and then as your field worker visits each customer, he or she will select that customer from the list, which populates a sub-form with information about the selected customer. Each subsequent customer uses that same form, so your users quickly become comfortable and your app becomes a seamless part of their process.


Forms and sub-forms can be set up to loop so your users can enter data again and again without worrying about overwriting their previous responses. Forms can loop until the user exists the loop, as when adding line items to an order; or they can be set to loop on data in a data set, letting you create complex data-driven workflows with a few mouse clicks.

Conditional logic for screens and items

Create logical conditions to show or hide items or entire screen. Use conditional logic with looping and sub-forms to create complex non-linear workflows, letting your users get straight to the information they need, when they need it.

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