Mobile Device Services

Lifecycle Mobile
We don't just focus on software. Our hardware specialists have a deep working knowledge of the great morass of mobile devices in the marketplace. We will help you navigate the fray to choose the right device, configure it correctly, and keep it running day in and day out.

Picking the right device

Lifecycle Mobile has fostered relationships with device providers that you can leverage to get the right product for your needs. Through our expansive partner network, you can get access to virtually any type of hardware: mobile computers, tablets, fleet-grade laptops...let us help you make the right hardware decision.

Out the door and in your hands

We want you devices to work right out of the box. Our launch support includes device staging and kitting, custom configuration, carrier activation of cellular functionality, rollout management, and training your workforce so you can realize mobile benefits as quickly as possible.

Maximize productivity, minimize downtime

Once your workforce is mobile, we want to keep them moving. Our mobile device management services are aimed at giving you constant visibility into the health and usage profile of your device fleet. Monitor uptime, push updates remotely, and quickly identify any issues to prevent service interruption.

Keep Moving

Accidents happen, and even the most durable devices run into a few hiccups from time to time. But if we're managing your mobile enterprise, then you're covered. We offer expert support for problem troubleshooting and device spare pools to replace problem units quickly and minimize impact to your business operations.

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