User Management

Lifecycle Mobile

Easy user management

Adding users to Fivespark is as easy as addressing an email, just enter the username and password and you’re on your way. You can also add users in bulk with our handy user import tool. Users can be organized in to groups to ease management of large user bases. You can assign users to various roles within Fivespark so that you can delegate managing forms and data sets to several users

Control permissions

Fivespark gives you total control over access to everything you and your users create. Restrict access to certain forms to only users in management roles. Allow some users to update data sets but not others. Delegate creation of forms for a department to users in that department, but hide other departments’ forms, data, and users from them. Fivespark’s interface grows with you: start with easy one-click access to the most common permission settings, and graduate to fine-grained control of individual permissions as your needs become more sophisticated.

Personalized experience

Configure your own user profile properties so you can store and use information about your users. Use their names to personalize forms and pre-populate form items, or store their employee ID and use it to filter data so they see only customers assigned to them.

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